Which is Best - Repair or Purchase?

When one has an old Rolex in disrepair, there is always a question if it is worth anything, or should it be repaired. One has to be sure to weigh all the pros and cons when looking to make a decision. Do you want to keep the watch as a vintage Rolex, or do you want the watch to be as good as new? Are you going to sell the watch down the road or just wear it? Keep in mind, if you have Rolex USA do the repairs, it will come back looking just as it was originally purchased. The vintage feel will be lost and the value of the watch will take a hit. If you want to keep the vintage feel, there are reputable independent watchmakers who specialize in those types of projects. You can search Rolex Forums, or an online discussion board for Rolex enthusiasts, for many recommendations. If you just want to enjoy your watch, and are not looking to sell, this is one way to restore your timepiece to its original glory.

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